Thursday, December 12, 2013

Flux Flap IPad Case #NoMoreCrappyCases

Disclosure: This post was written on behalf of Flux Flap, all opinions are 100% my own.

Electronics.  We love our electronics.  I think most people nowadays are obsessed.  I know that I am.  We have a ton of electronics, including 2 iPads.  I love my iPads, my kids love iPads, but the cases I have I do not love.  You know how they are great when you first buy them and then slowly they lose their charm and stop working.  With mine if you don't get the plastic in the notch just perfectly, it won't stand up.  And if you even move a little bit, it falls over.  It's super annoying!!  There are so many times that I want to set it up for my kids to watch a movie and it doesn't work.  It last for about 2 minutes and then they just have to hold it in their laps and it's not comfortable at all and only one kid can really see it.  And then the fights break out.

  Has this every happened to you before?  If it has, you HAVE to watch this video.

Isn't it AWESOME!!  Doesn't it just look so sweet and cool?!?!  I love that there are so many angles that you can use it at.  My case has 4 angles but really only 2 work (and for only 2 minutes...).   The Flux Flap uses magnets to keep the iPad up and so you can move it just a little bit and it will stay. 

 Now are you ready for this?  Not only do the magnets help get the iPad to stay put, but you can stick it to metal!  Can you imagine putting it onto your fridge and so you can read a recipe.  Or better yet, put it on there and put on a movie so you can actually cook dinner without the kids bothering you.  I would totally put on the fridge and put on a show for my baby, he's getting into the phase of being fussy at 4:30 and wanting to be held when I need to cook dinner.  

Check out these pictures and all the things that you can do with it.  It's taking your iPad to a whole new level and you can use it for so many other things.

Have it stand it up and show the recipe while you are cooking.   All of my recipes are online, so I would do this all the time.

Use it as a tripod and take pictures of your blog posts and creations.  It's sturdy enough that it will keep the position and not fall when you push the button.

And this one makes me the most excited because my iPad entertains my kids the most.  I love that you can have the angle looking down.  It just blows my mind!  Oh the possibilities!

What would you do with it?  

Flux Flap has a Kick Starter program that if they reach their goals they will introduce new colors.  They got their first goal very quickly and now they are trying to reach their next goal.  What you can do is back the company with as low as $1 and when they reach their goal of $125K, all of the backers will get to vote for a different color.   They already have green, so the next time they will vote on blue or red.  Which one do you like?  I love both colors but I'm loving the blue.  

They just introduced a new design that is geared more towards us ladies and trendy people.  The white with gold design.  I love all classy and elegant it looks!  So pretty and would go great with my white iPad.  
So if I have gotten you curious and interested in this awesome case, go check out Flux Flap and go see for yourself.  I'm definitely putting this on my wish list and getting one for me (and most likely my husband) next year when they come out.

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