Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY MineCraft Creeper Boys Shirt

If you have boys, there is a good chance that you know exactly what this shirt is all about.  My boys are obsessed with Minecraft!  My son just turned 7 and for his birthday I made him this creeper shirt.  I think it could make a really fun Christmas gift though. 
Minecraft Creeper Shirt
This is how I made it:
I used some fabric, heat bond paper and a black shirt. 
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (1)
I cut the fabric into 2x2 inch squares.
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (2)
I placed the squares onto the heat bond paper. 
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (3)
Then I ironed it onto.  Make sure not to get your iron onto the paper with the fabric or it will make it really sticky.  I know this from experience…
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (4)
I then cut out the inside of the heat bond and made sure all the squares were ironed on good.
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (5)
I peeled off the paper and then ironed the creeper onto the shirt.  Then I sewed the creeper onto the shirt. 
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (7)
Since he’s turned 7, I made a seven out of 1x1 inch squares.  The same way I did the creeper.
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (8)
I then sewed the seven onto the shirt.
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (10)
And that’s it!!  I love how it turned out and so did my son!!
Minecraft Creeper Shirt (11)
Here is my handsome boy in his shirt, he loved it!
tyce 7th bday 11-30-13 (1)


Trina said...

This is so awesome! My six-yr-old daughter has gotten into MineCraft and wants one of these for her and all her friends! Thank you!