Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Idea: M&M Candy Pouches {Free Printable}

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One of my favorite things about Valentine's Day is coming up with fun and easy valentines.  Some of my favorite posts have been my M&M candy pouches that I made for the holidays.  They have been a huge hit, so I had to make them for Valentine's Day.  It's a very easy craft to do and I love how they turn out.  I decided to makes an owl, a bear and some conversation hearts.  
Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable
This is how I made them:
Using my Silhouette, I cut out the shapes out of card stock. For each pouch I cut two shapes.  
Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable (1)
For the conversation hearts, I wrote on the sandwich bag with a permanent marker.  
Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable (2)
Then with a glue gun I glued the back heart onto the bag.  I just glued the edges.
Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable (3)
I filled the bag with M&M's and then put the top shape onto it.  Then I glued it on,  I put the hot glue directly onto the bag to melt the plastic and sealed the sides together.
Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable (4)
I did the same thing to the other shapes.  Then I trimmed the sides.
Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable (5)
I added some paper and drew faces onto the animals.  Then I added the printable into them.  You can get the free printable here.  
Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable (8)

Valentine's-Day-M&M-Candy-Pouches #freeprintable (10)
Here are 4 other ones that I did for the different holidays
* Halloween * ThanksgivingChristmas * Easter * 4th of July *  
fall candy pouches (9)Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (17)
Christmas M&M pouches #freeprintable (9)Easy-Easter-Treats-Candy-Pouches (9)4th-of-July-Flag-Candy-Pouches (12)

I also made some as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Mickey mouse and Minnie Mouse Homemade Valentines with Printable (10)

Here is a video on how I make these :)
I would love it if you followed along.


Britni Vigil said...

You and your corny sayings...love it.

Emily Thompson said...

super cute! I love that you just melted the plastic with the glue gun!! love the glue gun ;o) pinned! Emily

Cindy Eikenberg, Little Miss Celebration said...

These are just adorable, Kaysi! Thanks for sharing and pinning! Have a happy Tuesday!

foody schmoody said...

These are so super cute and best of all, I, queen of uncraftiness think I could actually make these. Thanks for sharing.

Marni @ Haberdashery Fun said...

Super cute and GREAT idea. Love this for all Moms

Kara @ Simplistically Sassy said...

I love these!! Such an easy adorable idea.

Marlys Folly said...

These are cute... I just might make them for some of nieces and nephews... Pinning.

Alexis Tanner said...

What a cute idea! And using a sandwich bag is so smart! Just pinned it.

Jonie Marie said...

So stinking cute! I love the way they turned out! Pinning these for sure!

Camila Rojas said...

I just love these.... I can't help it!!! XOXO

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Cute and super clever idea! I'm featuring at dollar store mom next week!

Ai Lin Leow said...

Can these candy pouches be any cuter? Oh my, I love the little owl - you are a hoot- classic and just so adorable. So glad I found your blog over at The Weekend Retreat link party :)

Ana Downs said...

How do I get the template?