Friday, January 17, 2014

Easy Valentine’s Day Kids Crafts Ideas

Disclosure:  I was given supplies to create with, all opinions are 100% my own.

You all know that I love to create easy kids crafts, but lately my kids have been awful and by the time I get everything cut and ready to go, they have either ruined something or not interested.  That's why I absolutely LOVE craft kits.  I can still do the crafts with my kids but I don't have to do all the prep work.  I thought that it would be so much fun to do this for Valentine's Day with them.  Oriental Trading Company has the best kits that you can buy and make up with my kids.  
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading
The kits that I bought were perfect for my kids to help me make up with me.  Half the time it ends up me just doing all the work, so it was nice to let them create too.  This first one is perfect for my 3 and 5 year old.  I didn't have to help them at all.  They were able to make them up themselves.

Here is what the kit comes with, suckers and the foam to put on the suckers.
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (3)
I let them glue the bug onto the flower.
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (5)
And that they put the foam onto the stem.
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (6)
And they turn out soooo cute, even when they make them.
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (8)
These little iPods were a favorite for my kids.  They needed a little bit of help, but not much.  No glue needed, just adhesive foam (my favorite).  Here they are putting together theirs.
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (11)
And here is what they look like, aren't they so much fun!  I love that they are cute and are homemade.  It's a plus that they don't have candy too.
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (13)
When I saw this robot one, I had to get it!  I just loved it.  Assembly was easy, but I did these because they involved hot glue.  They even come with the saying in the back.
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (1)
Seriously, so much fun huh?
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (2)
The last valentine is the plane one.  My kids once again put these together all by themselves.  So easy and so fun and cute!
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (15)
My kids had so much fun making these planes I thought that it would be fun to give their classmates the plane to make, ready than all made up.  I know that my kids had fun making them so I know that other kids will like it too.  
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (16)
Not only does Oriental Trading Company have a ton of different valentines, they have fun containers to put them in.  With 3 boys, I had to get these fun trucks.  Aren't they so awesome?  
easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (9)
I just love all the details of it.  And once again, super easy to put together.  No glue needed and everything was included in the kit.
0easy-valentine-kids-crafts #orientaltrading (10)

So if you want to create some super easy and fun Valentines with your kids this year but don't want to do all the cutting and prep, check out all the fun ones that Oriental Trading Company has.  They have a ton and they all look so awesome!

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