Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reuse Leftover Christmas Supplies {Kids Craft Paper Plate Snowman}

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Christmas is over and like every year I bought too many supplies.  Anyone else do that?  I always buy too much wrapping paper and I try to store it for next year but the kids seem to always find it and wrinkle it all up.  So this year I decided to put it to good use.  Whenever I bring out the crafts for my kids, I'm going to put wrapping paper onto my table.  It's especially great for when we are painting or using glitter, like I did in this craft.  

reuse Christmas supplies
I also had a left over pack of Christmas paper plates, so I thought that it would be fun to turn the plates into clocks (we did this for NYE) and snowmen. I used my kids craft supplies that I got from Craft Project Ides.  
reuse Christmas supplies (1)
For the clocks I had the kids add some glitter to the hands.
reuse Christmas supplies (2)
It was really nice to have the wrapping paper with the glitter.  It of course got on the table and floor but not all over the place :).
reuse Christmas supplies (3)
Here are the clocks they made.  I just put the hands on with a brad and then they moved the time as we were counting down the hours.  This would be great to make when you're teaching time to kids.
reuse Christmas supplies (5)
We also made some fun snowmen out of the plates.  Aren't they fun?   I love just letting them create their own things.  I love how each one drew different faces on theirs.  It's hard to tell but some even have eyelashes and brows :).
reuse Christmas supplies (6)

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