Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas: Scavenger Hunt and Gift Baskets #ad

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Valentine's Day is coming up and it's time to start thinking about what to do for the special day.  I spend a lot of time coming up with fun ideas for my kids but I tend to forget about doing something special for my husband.  Since we don't live near a town, we will be celebrating the day at home and having a date night at our house. So I am going to plan a fun scavenger hunt for him with some gift baskets.
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The first basket is for dinner.  What guy doesn't love steak?  So that's what he will get, steak, cottage cheese, asparagus and his favorite drink.
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The next basket is for the next part of the date, a movie.  So I got him a movie, along with some popcorn and nerds (that's an inside joke, he's an accountant and I like to call him a nerd :D). 
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The last basket is for romance.  We love to play games together, so I put in some fun items.  I made up some dice.  One die has body parts and one die has an action, you roll them and have to do what they say.  A deck of cards to play games.  Maybe play and whenever someone losing the game they have to roll the dice.  Glow sticks because they are fun.  And then a little something else to spice up the evening.
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Here are the cards for the scavenger hunt.  I had three different ones.
The dinner basket will be in the fridge and the clue says:
"This is where I go to look
For things that I like to cook."
The movie basket will be on the tv and the clue says:
"After a long day in the town,
This is what we watch to wind down."
And lastly the romance one will be on the bed and the clue says:
"When kids are asleep and the books are read,
This is where I lay my sleepy head."
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I got the supplies  and K-Y Yours+Mine couples lubricant at Walmart.  When you purchase the #KYDateNight you can get 2 free gourmets meals from Plated and a free movie from Vudu, great for a date night in! 

I would love it if you followed along.


Rita O'Neal said...

Cute idea! I just ate a tiny box of Nerds tonight, actually. Thanks for the post! #client

Kristin Wheeler said...

I love fun games! This is a CUTE idea!!! #client