Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Easy MineCraft Creeper Boys Underwear and Shirt Tutorial

My boys are obsessed with all things MineCraft.  They just love it.  My oldest especially likes it right now and has requested a MineCraft birthday party (so I'm sure this will not be the last MineCraft post you will see from me...).  Well for Christmas this year I made him some a creeper shirt and underwear.  Yes underwear.  Why underwear?
Here's why.  Here is his list for Santa.  What kid wants underwear and socks for Christmas?  Mine :).  Sadly he did not get an iPhone or diamond ring...
I looked online and didn't see any MineCraft underwear, so I made him some.  It was really easy to do too.  Using my Silhouette studio, I bought a grid image and then deleted the squares where the eyes and mouth are.  Then I cut it out.  Instead of peeling off the outside of the vinyl, I took out the squares making a stencil for the paint.
minecraft creeper clothes (1)
Using transfer paper, I put the vinyl onto the fabric.
minecraft creeper clothes (2)
I then used some fabric paint and painted the squares.
minecraft creeper clothes (3)
Here it is all painted.
minecraft creeper clothes (4)
I took off the vinyl and then let it dry.  After about 24 hours I ironed the paint to set it in. 
minecraft creeper clothes (5)
Since he really can't show off his underwear, I made him a shirt too using the same technique.  I really like how the green paint looks on the black. 
minecraft creeper clothes (6)
I was planning on making a Steve using the same technique.  Maybe I'll do it for his birthday.

I would love it if you followed along.