Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Easy and Fun Minecraft Party Ideas: Food, Favors, and Shirt

This past week my oldest son turned 9!  I cannot believe that he is that old, it's crazy!  Well he wanted to have a big minecraft party.  I had so much fun creating Minecraft party foods and trying to make things look like the game.  I think that everyone had fun and everything was a big hit!
Here is the party table! 
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (1)
I made a very simple cake.  I just turned it into a creeper.
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (5)
In minecraft, you can get diamonds, gold and iron ore.  To make the diamonds, I just used kisses and then cut out circles with my Silhouette using blue glitter vinyl.  They loved how sparkly they were! 
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (4)
The creeper juice boxes were a huge hit, even for the older kids.  I just covered the juice box with green paper and put some black vinyl on it (I used the trace feature on my Silhouette).
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (8)
Instead of having green cups, I used clear cups with the vinyl creepers. 
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (14)
The TNT bundles were fun and I had one little boy so excited to eat TNT.  I just tried together 6 pieces of red licorice around one black one (chocolate would work great too).
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (9)
I created some Steve and Creeper candy bars (like my Valentine's day one here).  You can get the free printable here
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (6)
I turned rice krispie treats into minecraft grass.
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (10)
I also made some brownie bites and turned them into Steves and Creepers.  For tutorial, go here.  For printable, go here
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (12)
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (11)
Pretzel sticks were torches.  You could dip one end into chocolate to make them look more like torches too. 
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (16)
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (17)
We had three different kinds of green drinks.  Green slurpee, lime sherbet and 7-Up and green Kool-aid. 
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (20)
For the party favors, I made everyone a creeper notebook. 
Kanyon minecraft party 3-7 (35)
And here is my son's birthday shirt I made him.
Kanyon 9 3-4-14 (2)

And lastly, I made a photo prop creeper out of a green square plate and my son went around and took pictures of everyone with it.  It was pretty fun!  Here is a quick video of those pictures!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thank you so much!! I'm doing a party for my son next month and can't wait to use your tips!

Angela said...

How did you make the notebooks?

Kaysi said...

Angela I just cut out some black vinyl and put them onto a green notebook