Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easy Easter Craft: Baker’s Twine Carrot

For the past several years I have been decorating for Easter and spring.  Each year I think about decorating with bunnies, eggs, and flowers.  I felt like I needed something else in my Easter decor, but I didn't want another bunny or egg.  So I made a fun carrot to go with the bunny :).
It was super easy to make.  I just took a styrofoam cone (got it from the dollar store) and some orange baker's twine.
baker's-twine-carrot (1)
I cut the cone down a little bit because I didn't want a huge carrot.  Then with my glue gun, I started gluing the twine at the tip of the cone.  I just went in a circle, gluing every once in awhile.
baker's-twine-carrot (2)
I wrapped the whole cone.  Then for the stem, I cut out some glitter paper.  I just used a circle punch and then cut the slits into the paper for the stem.
baker's-twine-carrot (3)
I glued the paper on and that's it!  Super easy!
baker's-twine-carrot (4)
I just love how it turned out.
baker's-twine-carrot (6)

Here are a few more great ideas to do for Spring.

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Alexis Middleton said...

Cute, Kaysi! So smart to use the styrofoam cone!

Bethany said...

Very cute! I love that cute baker’s twine!

Brooklyn at Cook and Craft Me Crazy said...

I LOVE USING TWINE! This is definitely my kind of project! SO CUTE! xo-Brook

Britni Vigil said...

So cute, love using twine for creative things! And I'm glad you found something else to make Space.

Jessica Anderson said...

I love wrapping things in baker's twine! This is so cute!

Sharon Currier said...

Your carrot is so cute! Love the orange baker's twine. Sharing, for sure.