Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easy Easter Craft Idea: Paper Straw Carrot

Spring is here!!  Even though it doesn't feel like it.  One day we have a snowy day, so I decided to get my spring/Easter decor out.  Once I got it all out, I felt like it needed something else.  It need something with a fun color.  So I made a fun carrot with paper straws.
This is how I did it:
I just took some straws, 5x7 piece of card stock and glue gun.  
paper-straw-carrot (1)
I cut the straws to make the carrot.  I made it a pretty fat carrot, it probably would be cuter a little skinnier.  
paper-straw-carrot (2)
Then I glued the straws onto the 5x7 piece of paper.
paper-straw-carrot (3)
Here it is all glued one.  I love that it's 3D.
paper-straw-carrot (4)
I put it into a frame without the glass and put it with my Easter decor.  I love how it looks!!
paper-straw-carrot (5)


Coleen said...

I absolutely LOVE this project! SO cute! I'll never look at those paper straws the same again! Could even do an Easter egg design too! Thanks for the inspiration!