Keeping it Simple: Print and Cut Feature on Silhouette

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Print and Cut Feature on Silhouette

One of my favorite features on the Silhouette is the print and cut feature.  It makes this machine completely in a league of it's own!!  It's seriously awesome.  

  This stuff is awesome, I love the tattoo paper!  

SRP $357.92)

Here are some things that I had done with the print and cut feature:
School spirit tattooes
USA Tattoo (There is full tutorial on that one)

Here is a great video of the feature too.


Sony Ittiachan said...

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Kathie Craig said...

I could make so many different things with the gold foil. My first thought would be to make decorations for a 50th Anniversary Celebration. Gold would also pair nicely with Silver and Bronze for medals.

Stacy @ said...

Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity! Gold would be so nice for mom who has a gold fetish ;) ~Stacy