Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft: Paper Plate Rainbow

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St. Patrick's day is just a couple days away and I haven't done a single thing for it.  I also haven't done a kids craft for awhile (it has been a crazy couple of months).  So I thought that it would be fun to make a fun rainbow with my kids.  It's amazing how excited they get when I whip out the paints.  They just have a blast!
I used some paint and paint pens from Craft Project Ideas and then some paper plate cut in half.
Paper-Plate-Rainbow-Kids-craft (1)
The paint pens were pretty cool to use because they were a little less messy.  That is what I used for my rainbow.
Paper-Plate-Rainbow-Kids-craft (4)
My kids enjoyed the traditional paint. I let both of them just paint it themselves.
Paper-Plate-Rainbow-Kids-craft (5)
Here are the three rainbows, pretty fun huh?!
Paper-Plate-Rainbow-Kids-craft (6)
For some more fun, I taped on some colored tissue paper.  Then we hung them up on the wall :).
Paper-Plate-Rainbow-Kids-craft (9)


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