Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Super Easy 15 Minute Reversible Skirt #CraftMonthLove

Disclosure: I was given product to review, all opinions, ideas and content are 100% my own. #CraftMonthLove  

Did you know that March is national craft month? Well it is!  So if you haven't been getting your craft on this month, you should!! Jo-Ann Craft and Fabric Store is making it easy for you to craft this month, with it's inspirational spring website  and their $5 off of $25 purchase Jo-Ann coupon.  I check out the trends of the season and I was drawn to the nautical trend.  I loved the blue stripes with a pop of red, so I thought I would create a skirt for myself.  When I went to Jo-Ann stores, I found some awesome reversible knit fabric and I knew that I had to make myself a reversible skirt!  

This is how I made it:
I took a yard of the reversible knit fabric and a yard of 3" black elastic.
15-minute-reversible-skirt #craftmonthlove (2)
I made the skirt a pencil skirt.  It's just straight down.  So when I measured myself, I went with where I am the widest and that was around my hips and bum.  To that number I added 4-5 inches, so I could have some breathing room.  So I cut the fabric to 39 inches.  Then I measured how long I wanted it to be.  The fabric ended up being 39x22 inches.   
15-minute-reversible-skirt #craftmonthlove (3)
Since this skirt is going to be reversible, I couldn't just put the two sides together and sew it with the seam in the inside.  Instead, I folded the fabric in half (the part that was 39" wide) and then overlapped the ends by 1-2 inches.  Then I folded the end and pinned it.
15-minute-reversible-skirt #craftmonthlove (4)
I then sewed the fabrics together.  Then I flipped it inside out and did it to the other side. This is how the seam looked after I was done.  
15-minute-reversible-skirt #craftmonthlove (5)
I then worked on the elastic.  I measured my waist and then cut the elastic to that length.  Then I put the end together, sewed it together about 1/2 inch from the end.  Then I put the flaps down and sewed the flaps down on all four sides.  
15-minute-reversible-skirt #craftmonthlove (6)
I put the skirt under the elastic and sewed them together. 
15-minute-reversible-skirt #craftmonthlove (7)
And that's it!  It was super easy to do!  I now have one skirt but can wear it in two different ways, so it's like I have two skirts!

15-minute-reversible-skirt (3)
15-minute-reversible-skirt (4)


Julia Nyanyo said...

oh you clever, clever lady! Do you ever see a post and wish it was your idea? Why don't I already have a wardrobe full of these? I think this is genius, love it!

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