Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Party Treat Idea: Bunny String Cheese

I got assigned treats for my son's and daughter's preschool Easter party.  I'm going to make cupcakes but I wanted to do another option that is healthier.  I know that a lot of schools don't allow baked foods, so these are perfect for school parties.  
They were so easy to make, I just took some string cheese, little pom poms, foam sheets, glue and a sharpie.
Easter-Treat-Bunny-String-Cheese (2)
I cut out the foam sheet into little ears.
Easter-Treat-Bunny-String-Cheese (3)
Then I folded over the wrapper and glued it down.  Then I glued on the ears.  Then I drew on the face.  When I glued things on, I did not put the glue right now the cheese because it could melt the plastic and get onto the glue.  
Easter-Treat-Bunny-String-Cheese (4)
I then glued on the pom poms.  I put the glue onto the pom pom and then I blew on it a little bit, just to make sure it didn't melt through to the cheese.
Easter-Treat-Bunny-String-Cheese (5)
And that's it!  Aren't they fun?  Cute and healthy, I think the kids will love them!
Easter-Treat-Bunny-String-Cheese (6)


Debbie said...

So cute!

Brittany Evans said...

I'm seeing all of these different fun things to do with string cheese! I just bought some today at Costco. Maybe I'll just have to draw some faces on some for fun. :)