Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easy DIY Minecraft Steve Shirt

My boys love to play Minecraft.  And it's one video game that I don't mind them playing because it really forces them to create and use their imagination.  I make my kids birthday shirts every year and this year my oldest wanted me to make him a Minecraft shirt.  Since I already made him a creeper, I thought it would be fun to make a Steve one.
This is how I made it:
Using my Silhouette, I cut out a square grid out of vinyl.  I also cut out the word nine.  I just took the grid and deleted some of the squares to make the word.
Minecraft-Steve-Shirt (1)
Using transfer paper, I put the vinyl onto the shirt.  Make sure you have something inside the shirt, so the paint doesn't leak to the back.
Minecraft-Steve-Shirt (2)
Using some washi tape, I taped off the place different shapes of his face.  Then I painted the squares using fabric paint.
Minecraft-Steve-Shirt (4)
For the browns, I just mixed a cream and a dark brown together and painted it very randomly.
Minecraft-Steve-Shirt (5)
I let the paint dry and then I pulled off the vinyl. I then ironed it for a couple seconds.
Minecraft-Steve-Shirt (6)
And that's it!  Super easy and fun!
Minecraft-Steve-Shirt (7)
Here is my handsome son wearing it, it loves it!
Kanyon 9 3-4-14 (2)


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Moha Arar said...

Wow ! .. Awesome T-shirt
Tanks For Sharing
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ocnjnative said...

A very original and creative shirt. It is very refreshing seeing this awesome shirt