Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vacation in Paradise, vacation in Puerto Rico

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I want a vacation.  I need a vacation.  I really badly want to go to Puerto Rico.  And no I’m  not just saying that, I really want to go.  About half of my family is going to Puerto Rico, with their whole families in a couple months.  It just happens to be the week that we are moving.  Talk about bad timing!  I really want to go because I love it down there, it’s awesome!  My freshman year in college I was able to go down there to visit my sister and brother that we were living there.  And it just happens that my brother met his wife down there, so Puerto Rico has special meaning in our family.

I spent a week down there for spring break and it was awesome!  While it was snowing and freezing cold in Wyoming, we got to enjoy the perfect weather.  There is so much to do down there and since the 5 star island isn’t very big (270 miles of shoreline) you can drive around and do lots of different things.  We stayed in San Juan but we ventured all around the island. 

Here are some pictures of my trip down there.  These are things that you must do because they are so great! Everything is just gorgeous down there!
Here is a castle called El Morro in old San Juan. 

Another day we went to the rainforest called El Yunque.  It was gorgeous and one of my favorite places to go.  It was a great hike up to an old building.  We saw lots of different wildlife and also explored the waterfall.

Here is a nice video of the rainforest.

The beaches are amazing and so clean.  The water is clear blue.  The waves were perfect to go body surfing in.

We took a ferry out to an island called La Culebra and went snorkeling.  It was so great.

They even have a place called the Bioluminescent bay.  They have bacteria in the water that glow at night when you touch it.  I didn’t take pictures of that because it was nice time, but it was awesome.  You paddle a canoe to the bay and then you get to swim and see your self glow.  Along the way we saw tree iguanas and other wild life, it was cool. 

On our last day there, we walked the beach and watched the sun rise.  It was amazing!

Doesn't it look amazing?!  Because it really is amazing!! As you can tell Puerto Rico is filled wtih world class attractions and top beaches. It's part of the US, so you don't need a passport and don't have to worry about different currency.  I was able to use my credit cards there.  Funny story, they asked for my ID and then asked me what state Wyoming was in :).  

  I hope to be able to take my family there some day and have an awesome vacation down there.  I know that it will be one that they will remember for a long time!  

Do you want to go to Puerto Rico?  What kinds of things would you go and see?

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