Monday, May 5, 2014

5 Great Way to Use Wet-Nap Wipes at a Picnic #ShowUsYourMess

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and we are hitting the park all the time!  One of my favorite things to do with my kids is pack up some food, hit the park and have a fun picnic with them.  It's a blast!  And with my 5 kids, it's never messy or crazy and everything goes as planned and we don't need anything more than just food..... NOT!  I swear that having wipes at a picnic is almost as important as the food!  

Wet-Nap wipes have a variety of uses and let me tell you that they came in handy at our picnic.  I was just thinking about just using them to wipe off the food, but we used them for much more!
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As I was preparing for our picnic, I made sure to grab some plates, cups, cutlery, and of course the wipes.  We ended up hitting our little gas station for the food, because it's our only way to eat out. Here is how our picnic went and the ways we used the wipes.
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#1 Wash Hands
First thing the kids did was go and play on the playground and of course got dirty.  When it was time to eat, we had them wash their hands.  When my husband read that the wipes were antibacterial he was so excited (he's a germaphobe).  As much as I love hand sanitizer, it's just not great when your kids have dirt all over their hands it just spreads around the dirt.  So these little hand wipes are perfect because they actually wipe away the dirt.  The fact that they come in little packets is great because I can always have them in my diaper bag.
5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (30)
We ate our food and of course my kids got messy.  It was funny to see all of them have pizza on their faces.  
5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (43)

5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (45)

5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (27)
#2 Wiping off faces and hands
We couldn't just let our kids go play with all the food on their hands and faces, so we cleaned them up with the wipes.
5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (47)

I thought that we would really just use the wipes for their hands and face.  But they came in handy once again.
#3 Cleaning a cut
My son was playing basketball and tripped on some loose rocks and scraped his knee.  So we were able to use the antibacterial wipe to clean it up.  
5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (40)
#4 Cleaning off the table
My kids are seriously so messy!  We had to use the wipes to clean off the table and bench after we ate there.  
5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (48)
#5 Wiping off dirt
My baby is in that stage of throwing his binkie, so it didn't surprise one bit when he decided to throw it in the dirt.  I just used a wipe and gave it back to him (remember he's my 5th kid, I used to boil all binkies...).  
5-great-ways-to-use-wet-nap-wipes-at-a-picnic #showusyourmess (44)
I haven't even tapped the surface of how many uses these wipes have.  These are the 5 uses that we used on that day.  I've used them for many more things.  Wipes are seriously one of my favorite things ever.  I never live my house without them (I have 5 half used packs in my car) and when I do forget to bring them, I always regret it.

Are you wondering where to get these awesome wipes?  Well I got them at Walmart because of the always low price.  I printed out the Wet-Nap coupon and saved $.55.  With my messy kids, I know that we will be getting more of these!

Right now you can #ShowUsYourMess and enter a contest to win $1000 Walmart gift card and a year supply of Wet-Nap wipes.  I seriously could use that!  All you have to do is share a photo of your messy kids and then share it and the link across social media.  The photo with the most votes win. Go to for the details.

Anyone else have super messy kids like me?  How many of you use wipes all the time?  Even when you don't have a baby or a child in diapers, it's still something that you have on hand.  I think my older two kids are messier than my younger ones :).  
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Censie said...

Wet-Nap hand wipes are the best! We use them in our backyard every summer! Perfect summer accessory! ;)

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

Love your tips! We have never stopped buying wipes, even though my kids are old now (8, 8 and 10). I keep them in the car for the inevitable--carsickness, sticky hands, wiping hands after pumping gas, etc. It doesn't stop once they're older, just changes a bit :)