Friday, May 23, 2014

Keep Good Going

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of New York Life for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Keep Good Going is an idea to keep the good in our lives, in our families.  To do things for our family, for our kids to encourage good and to pass on the good to others.  As parents we are teachers and supporters and we encourage them to do their best and do good in their lives.  We have to make sacrifices for our kids but to see that smile on their face is totally worth it.  
Check out this great inspiring story of a family that dedicated their lives to their daughter.
To me it's very important to teach my children to do things, to have hobbies and to try to succeed in their hobbies.  My family was into sports, I always remember being in a sport.  I loved it and I want to pass that onto my kids.  I love the things that you learn from sports, the relationships that you gain and working towards a goal and the feeling you get when you achieve it.  I love being able to teach that to my kids.
 This past summer we had our three boys go out for t-ball and baseball.  This was the first time for all our boys to play baseball and we had a lot of fun going to practices and having them learn and improve every week.  Every game they all had a goal of hitting the ball and making it on base.  
We worked hard with them.  We drove 20 minutes twice a week to practice and then my husband spent hours with them in our back yard pitching to them and teaching them to keep their eye on the ball.  He taught them to swing and hit the ball, to throw and to catch.  After a couple weeks of practice it was time for the games.
We had several games, most of them were an hour or 1 1/2 hour drive (one way).  It was a lot of time that we had to sacrifice, but it was well worth it to see them work on their goals and try to be better.  As the season went on, they got better.  My oldest son actually had a kid pitcher and he would actually hit the ball, but would get out before he got to first base.  It was so excited!  But he really wanted to make it to first base, so we worked harder with him.
The very last game of the season, all the work paid off!  All three boys were able to meet their goals, it was awesome.  My oldest got a hit and made it to first base.  My 6 year old hit the wall with the coach pitching and my 4 year old hit it off the tee so well.  It was amazing to see the progress as they worked hard.  It was a fun life lesson to teach the kids.  They made a goal, worked hard towards it and then accomplished them!
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Britni Vigil said...

I think sports are a great way to bring a family together, so smart!