Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Hugs and Kisses Jar {Free Printable}

Mother's Day is this Sunday!  Are you ready?  I always have a hard time coming up with something for my mom and mother in law because they really don't need anything and don't have a ton of space.  So I thought about what they might want that wouldn't take up too much space and still involved their grand kids.  My first thought was chocolate, because I know that something that they both love. Then I thought that it would be fun to give them hugs and kisses from their grand kids since we won't be with them on Mother's Day.  

(Sorry Mom that I'm ruining the surprise.... surprise!). 

So this is what I came up with: 
Mother's-Day-Idea-Hugs-and-kisses-jar #freeprintable
This is how I made them:
I took lots of hugs and kisses candies (three bags) and then I created some little circles for the bottom of them.  I also printed off some pictures of my kids and made them about 2 inches.  I printed it all off onto Silhouette's sticker paper.  Then using my coluzzle circle cutter I cut out the circles.  A 3/4" circle hole punch would be perfect for these (couldn't find mine) and you could also just cut them out with scissors.  I made up a free printable, you can get it here.  
Mother's-Day-Idea-Hugs-and-kisses-jar #freeprintable (1)
It was super easy once I got the circles cut out.  I just peeled off the back and placed them onto the candy.

Mother's-Day-Idea-Hugs-and-kisses-jar #freeprintable (3)
Here are a few of the designs that I created to give it a little more variety and color.  You could even use these for a teacher appreciation gift or just to have at a party.
Mother's-Day-Idea-Hugs-and-kisses-jar #freeprintable (4)
I filled up a mason jar and then added a cute lid.  Then I tied the little tag onto it with baker's twine. I love giving mason jars because that's a gift in itself, they can reuse it.  
Mother's-Day-Idea-Hugs-and-kisses-jar #freeprintable (17)

Mother's-Day-Idea-Hugs-and-kisses-jar #freeprintable (15)