Monday, June 30, 2014

Almond Milk Recipe: 3 Ingredient Homemade Pina Colada Recipe #silkalmondblends

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One of my favorite things about summer is that I can drink cold drinks and eat popsicles all the time without people thinking that I am super weird (I do it in the winter and people think I am crazy).  This summer I have been loving pina coladas and I wanted to try making a homemade version.  I wanted to make something that was yummy but also was better for me.  Not just sugar and empty calories like the mixes you can buy.  

I used almond coconut milk and it turned out so good and it only took 3 ingredients!  
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I headed to Safeway to get the #SilkAlmondBlends for it.  I was so excited to see that they had a coconut flavor.  They also have a digital coupon that you can use to save on them too.
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I picked up these two flavors.  There are several benefits of almond milk, one being that there is more calcium.  I'm really excited about the more protein and fiber, those are two major things that I need more in my diet.  I love quick and easy smoothies, so I'm going to use this more so I can have more protein and fiber regularly.
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This is how I made the pina colada. 
1 can crushed pineapple
2-3 cups of vanilla ice cream

Blend it all together and then enjoy!
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It turned out amazing and it was so easy to make.  I topped it with some whip cream.
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I wanted to make something for my kids to enjoy.  No matter what, my kids are going to want to eat popsicles, so I thought that I might as well make them a little more healthy for them and not just be plain sugar.

So I used apple raspberry juice, raspberries and the almond milk.  I prepared the juice with 2 cans of water (instead of 3), filled the popsicle mold 1/2 full and added a couple raspberries.  Then I froze it.  
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Once it was frozen, I then added the milk and added raspberries to the milk and stuck a stick into it.  Then I put it into the freezer. 

They were perfect for a nice warm day for my kids to enjoy them!
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bethany dearden said...

Wow! This looks so good, I am glad it’s so simple, yummy!

Tanya Anurag said...

I've been experimenting with drinks as well. Thanks for sharing... I should try this.

David Dial said...

Wow, these look amazing! I don't which one I want to try first!! #client