Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kitchen Vinyl Subway Art

Disclosure: I was given product in exchange for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

You all know that I absolutely LOVE vinyl, right?  Well I do!  Just LOVE it!  I had a space is my kitchen that needed something.  It was the space right above my pantry door.  It's a pretty decent size and I knew I wanted to put some kind of kitchen phrase or something there, just wanted sure what. 
I suggested doing a subway art up there to my husband and he liked the idea, so I went with it.  I love how it turned out too! Best part is that it goes perfectly with my Kitchen Aid
I have a lot of people ask me where I buy my vinyl.  I buy ALL of my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.  They are by far my favorite place!  The three colors that I used were: Lime-Tree green, Brimstone Yellow and turquoise. 
Subway art does take a little bit of time and planning. I drew out my words and figured out the sizes of the words.  The space was 16"x28". Once I got the words figured out, I got it all figured out in my Silhouette Studio.
Here is what they looked like and the fonts that I used.
Pantry- Arial
Dinner- Pharmacy
Food- Kirsten ITC
Eat- Aharoni
Breakfast- Aharoni
Candy- Scrap Round
Cook- Panforte
Dessert: Second Breakfast
Boxed Dinners- Wish I Was Taller
Chocolate Chips- LD Woodland
Kitchen- Smiley monster
Cereal- Arial Black
Chef- AR Bonnie
Snacks- Too Much Paper
Oil- AR Cena
Meals- {Skinny} Solid Jeans
lunch- The Doorman
Noodles- Pea Noodles Girlfriend
Crackers- Lavanderia Regular
I used transfer paper and put it directly onto the wall.  It took a little bit of time but I LOVE it!
kitchen-vinyl-subway-art (2)
Doesn't it look so cool?
kitchen-vinyl-subway-art (5)
It just completes my kitchen!
kitchen-vinyl-subway-art (8)

kitchen-vinyl-subway-art (9)


Claire @ A Little Claireification said...

This is just so cute!! Love this idea and thanks for the giveaway!!

Pat Newton said...

How utterly darling!!! You are having a ball aren't you???? Looks like it, too!

Jennifer Mack said...

it says that coupon code is too long. I'd love to try them out.