Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Super Easy Ruffle Fabric Swimsuit Cover

We have been swimming a ton lately.  It always seems like we have to run errands before or after we hit the pool and my little girl just goes in her swimsuit.  So I wanted to make her a cover up that she could wear to the stores if we need to go somewhere.  Did you know that ruffle fabric is great with water?  It is!  I've even made a swimming suit out of it for myself.  
This is how I made it:
I took a bigger shirt of my daughters and measured how wide it was.  I ended up cutting the fabric 1-2 inches bigger.
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (7)
I cut two rectangles.  These were 13" inches wide.  The length is just how long you want the cover up to go.
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (8)
I put the front of the fabrics together and sewed up the sides.
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (9)
For the straps, I cut two white pieces of fabric that were 4x8 inches.  Folded them in half, sewed the side and then flipped it inside out.
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (10)
I then sewed the straps onto the cover.
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (11)
Here are the straps sewn on.  
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (12)
 I decided that I wanted a cute flower on it, so I took one of the white ruffles and cut it.  Then I just rolled it up.  I then put a ton of hot glue onto the flower and put it onto the strap.
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (14)
Once it was on, I moved the fabric so the white and pink were both showing.
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (16)
And that's it!  Super easy and super easy.  She just loves it!
super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (6)
I love it!  I'm thinking that I need to make one for myself.  

super-easy-ruffle-fabric-swimsuit-cover (5)