Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sweet and Salty White Chocolate Popcorn

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We love watching movies together.  The majority of my kids are finally at the age that we can all sit down an watch a movie and them be entertained.  Right now the weather is super hot (it was 108 yesterday), too hot to go outside, so I thought that having  a movie and popcorn would be fun for the kids.  We love all kinds of popcorn, so I thought that my kids would enjoy a sweet and salty one.  I was right, they loved it!
sweet and salty white chocolate popcorn
This is what you need:
Pop Secret Microwavable Butter Popcorn 
Mini M&M's
White Chocolate melts
Salted Pretzels
sweet and salty white chocolate popcorn (2)
Pop Secret has this really cool app to help make the popcorn.  You just hold it close to the microwave and it tells you when the popcorn is done.  It's awesome!  I always stop too soon and there are a ton of kernels left.  I made 4 bags this way and each bag only had 3-4 kernels in it.  Or I push the popcorn button and leave and when it's done it all burned and smells awful.

 They kids had fun doing it too :).  You can go and download the app here.  
sweet and salty white chocolate popcorn (6) sweet and salty white chocolate popcorn (7)
I popped two bags and then put it onto a cookie sheet along with the M&M's and pretzel.
sweet and salty white chocolate popcorn (10)
Then I melted the chocolate in the microwave, stirring it every 20 second or so until it was completely melted.  Then I drizzled it onto the popcorn and stirred it.  It's amazing!!!
sweet and salty white chocolate popcorn (14)
I put on a fun movie and the kids had a yummy afternoon snack.  It was great.  sweet and salty white chocolate popcorn (18)

How do you enjoy popcorn?  Do you love it when you watch a movie?  What's your favorite kind?  I'm a regular butter kind of girl :) What brand do you love?
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Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Popcorn looks awesome! My kids would like this better than my spicy version!

Amy Anderson said...

This popcorn looks delicious - and for some reason I don't feel totally guilty eating it!