Monday, July 21, 2014

Traveling Toiletry Bag Tutorial and Paperless Coupons #WalgreensPaperless #CollectiveBias

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Lately I have been going to the gym almost every day to go work out or to go swim or to go play with my kids.  It seems like when I go in the morning, there is somewhere we have to be soon after I work out, so I shower at the gym too (even if I don't have somewhere to go, I like to shower because I can actually shower alone...).  Since I'm going all the time, I wanted to make a fun and cute bag that holds all of my toiletries. So I made one and then filled it with toiletries that I bought at Walgreens with their new paperless coupons.  
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletry-bag
 This is how I made the bag:
First I cut out two pieces of fabric that were 14x10 inches.  Then I cut some elastic that was 13" long.
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (2)
I sewed the edges of the elastic onto each piece.  Then I marked where I should sew down the elastic.  I actually measured a little big, so I would make them a little tighter.  I then sewed the elastic on the lines that I drew.
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (3)
For the front of the bag, I cut out a piece of fabric that was 12x22 inches.  I then sewed on a pocket onto the front of it.  I did that by folded a piece of fabric in half and then sewed it on.
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (4)
I then placed the pieces with the fabric onto the longer piece and sewed them onto it.  
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (5)

#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (6)
To make the edges prettier, I made some bias tape with black fabric.  I cut strips 3" inches wide, ironed the edges down and folded it in half and then sewed it around the edges of the bag.
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (7)
I also made a handle with the bias tape.  
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (8)
And that's it!  It was pretty simple to make.
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (9)
The pocket in the front is nice for miscellaneous things that don't fit in the elastic.  
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (10)

I needed some extra toiletries because I don't like to have to keep transferring my toiletries from my gym bag to my bathroom.  I tend to forget something when I do that.  So I headed to Walgreens to get some.  These makeup displays were right in front of the store, so nice and convenient. 
#shop #walgreenspaperless
This is what I picked up for my gym bag.  Several items were on sale, plus I saved money using the new #WalgreensPaperless coupons!  I love saving money!  I saved $8 with the coupons, nice huh?! 
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (1)
Did you know that you can put manufacturer coupons onto your balance rewards card?  Well you can now!  You can download the Walgreens app and then you link it to your card.  Then all you do is pick out some coupons and clip them to your card.  When you check out you can scan your card, scan your phone or just enter your phone number. 

It's so easy to use and so much better than cutting out all of those coupons.  One huge perk is once they are on your card, you don't have to remember something.  I sometimes just run to the store in a hurry and forget things, like my coupons or even my phone. With the paperless coupons being on my card I don't have to worry because I always know my phone number, so I get to save money even if I forget the coupons.  
#shop #walgreenspaperless (1) #shop #walgreenspaperless (2)
I put all the toiletries into my bag and then got my workout bag ready to go.  Yes that's a shower cap on my shoes.  Shoes are VERY dirty, so it's a great way to put them in my bag without them getting the rest of the stuff dirty.
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (14)
And here is my workout bag.  I'm excited to use my new toiletry bag.  It's going to be perfect to hang up on the hook so I can be all organized when I shower and get ready.  
#shop #walgreenspaperless travel-toiletries-bag (15)

If you like to use coupons and save money, make sure you down load the Walgreens app and clip some paperless coupons for your next shopping trip!


Stephanie Paxman said...

What a cute idea! I've just started using their paperless coupons too and love them Thanks for the tutorial!

Terry Moore said...

Fabulous idea. Makes me want to got whip one up for myself right now!

Sarah Coller said...

This is cute---great idea!

Jasmine Podio said...

Oh my goodness!
I need to make one of these!
Great idea!

Andrea Kruse said...

Love the bag you made. Cute fabric, too! I agree. When I have to switch items around I tend to forget something vital... like the deodorant or soap. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. You made it look easy. #client

Rachel said...

I hope this isn't a duplicate comment. This is a perfect bag to take camping! It will work great in the campground bathrooms/shower stalls so you don't have to set everything on the slimy benches. Thanks!