Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blogging On The Go with T-Mobile Free Data Tablet #TabletTrio #CollectiveBias

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I get asked this question all the time, "How do you do it?".  I don't have any kind of secret on how I do things, I just seem to be always going and I have to use my time wisely.  The days that I actually use my time wisely are the days that I can get everything done.  I can't just stay at home and get things done around the house and for my blog, there are times that I need to get out of the house with the kids.  But there is also times that I need to get some blogging done because I have a deadline.  Now that it's getting cooler, all my kids want to do is go to the park.  With the T-Mobile free data tablet, I can now take them to the park and get some blogging done.  It's a win win for us.  The kids get some energy out and I can write up a post.
#shop Blogging on the Go with #TabletTrio
I went to Walmart to get my new tablet.  It was located in the electronic section in my Walmart.
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I went with the T-Mobile Trio AXS 4G tablet because is comes with free data for life on T-Mobile's network.  The #TabletTrio is a great price too, under $200.  You get 200MB of free data each 30 days for the lifetime of the tablet, woohoo!!  I'm excited to have a tablet that can get internet, not just use wifi.  I've never had one before. I just think about all the places I can use it, at the park, in the car and at the store. 
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I got it home and immediately connected it to the T-Mobile internet for my free data.  There is also plans if you need a little more data.  I plan on getting some of the data on the fly for when we are traveling.  When we are planning on going on vacation and we have a long drive, I could get a lot of stuff done and I wouldn't have to wait until we get there to get things done, so I could have more time to play with my family.  Or my kids could watch a movie or play a game in the car with it.  There are several games that need internet, so this is perfect for that.  Happy kids equals happy wife and we all know a happy wife equals a happy life :). 
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While I was at the park this weekend I was able to work on my gallery wall post.  It was great.  That is something that I have never been able to do with my phone, the mobile site just doesn't let you edit posts, it drives me crazy!  I can't tell you how many times I have been on the go and needed to change up the text in a post and have to wait until I am home. Not anymore!  I can fix it with my tablet.
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I was also about to work on it in the car, woohoo!  It's so nice that the blogger site set up is just like on a computer.  
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The Trio AXS also has a spot for a micro SD card, so I can even put photos on it, how sweet is that?!  
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Another thing that I plan on using it for is to entertain my kids.  My older boys are getting to that age that we have sports practice.  Well my younger kids get bored quickly.  So practice ends up being me chasing them around non stop.  When they have basketball, I have to chase my kids around because sitting still is not in their vocabulary.  So I put on a movie for them to watch, because sometimes I just need to be able to breathe and sit for a minute. The T-Mobile tablet comes with 5 free movies from Vudu, so I downloaded Rango and a Land Before Time movie for them to watch.  
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What would you do with free data for life?  How would you use the tablet?


Danielle Simmons said...

I could totally use a tablet in my life. The kids and husband have one but I haven't jumped in yet. #client