Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Little Girl’s Room Décor Idea: Glitter Paper Chandelier

In our last house, I never really got to decorating the kids' bedrooms.  I had plans but never did it.  Well I have been having so much fun decorating the bedrooms in our new house.  For my boys, I doing a fun Minecraft theme.  For my little girl, we are doing a very girly room with purple, pink and green and butterflies and flowers.  This is the first time ever that I really actually done a girly room and it's so much fun!!  My daughter has a really big walk in closet in her bedroom, so big that I decided to turn half of it into in a little play kitchen.  Every kitchen needs a fun chandelier, right?  I thought so, so I made her a fun glittery one.
glitter paper chandelier
This is how I made it:
I took three different circle punches and punched out several circles out of glitter paper.  You could easily use a Silhouette to cut out the circles too.
Glitter Paper Chandelier (2)
I then glued the circles onto the a ribbon.  I took two circles of the same color and size and then glued the ribbon in between the two circles.  For each strand I had 8 (16 total) circles.
Glitter Paper Chandelier (3)
I then hung the ribbon onto a metal wire wreath.  I first spray painted that white.  Then I hung it up in her closet.
Glitter Paper Chandelier (4)
Isn't it so much fun?  I love it!
Glitter Paper Chandelier (5)
And here is a little sneak peek of her kitchen.  It's so much fun!
Glitter Paper Chandelier (6)


Kim Seghers said...

That's really cute Kaysi ! I love the way it turned out!
Kim @ This Ole Mom

Stephanie Paxman said...

I've seen so many cute mobiles around lately--and this is one of them! So smart to use the circle punches!