Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Big Green Box: Cleaning with Swiffer #SwifferEffect #BigGreenBox

One of my favorite things about my new house is my entry way.  It's grand, it's two story and the whole thing has beautiful tiles in it.  I just love it!   The tiles continue into my kitchen and dining room.  Since this is the very first thing people see when they come to my house, it like to keep it clean.   
One day a couple of Swiffer boxes came to my door. I felt like I was part of a commercial.  I was so excited to try them out. With all the grout lines in the tiles, when I sweep with a broom some of the dirt gets stuck in there.  So I'm excited to see how the dry pads do with all that dirt and see if it will cling onto the pad.

The #BigGreenBox was full of great and amazing stuff!!  First off, the sweeper with wet and dry pads and then a duster with some refills.  
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The first thing that I tried out were the dry pads.  I did this after I swept with a broom.  I could not believe how much the broom had missed!  It was crazy.  I was surprised by how much cat hair it picked up.
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I then used the wet pad.  I loved how easy it was and how nice it was to just put the pad on and start mopping.  So much easier and quicker than filling the sink with water and mopping that way (especially since I always have to clear out the sink first).

One of my favorite things about the wet pads is the fact that you can just throw it away.  My husband is a germaphobe and so he struggles with using the same mop for the bathroom and the kitchen.  So this is perfect because we can just throw away the germs and use a new pad when we switch rooms.  I especially like it for my cat litter area, it was perfect and it left such a nice smell too.
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It was so easy to use that I let my kids do it too.  They loved helping out and they were actually helpful.  Usually when they help me mop, they are obsessed with putting the mop into the water and then I end up having puddles of water in my kitchen.  So this was perfect because they can't make a mess!
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The dusters are so nice too because they fit perfectly in my blinds.  Every single window in my house has these blinds and they are a pain to dust.  With the Swiffer duster, it makes it go more smoothly and the dust gets trapped onto the duster, so I don't have to worry about the dirt flying everywhere.
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 Since I was given two boxes of Swiffer, I was able to give one away to a friend of mine.  She just put her house up for sale.  I know how hard it is to sale a house and to constantly have to keep it clean and spotless.  So I thought that this would be perfect for her.  Swiffer helps you clean and just make it's easier, plus she can let her kids help her too. 

Sadly she wasn't there when I dropped it off, so I couldn't see her reaction.  But she did send me a text to show her excitement.

If you haven't tried out Swiffer, you need to!  They are so great and it really helps with the cleaning and makes it easier and quicker.  With all the time you can save, you can spend that time doing more important things, like playing with the kids or going swimming or enjoying time with your significant other.

You have to watch this video too, it's hilarious!  I love Eric Stonestreet!
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bryan flake said...

That is great that the Swiffer was able to give you such great results on your tile. I have some areas in my office space like your tile. I've wanted to get a great product and system in place to help me keep my tile floor clean. It sure does attract a lot of dirt and grime.