Monday, September 8, 2014

#ad Football Game Food Ideas with Tyson Deli Wings #GameTimeHero #CollectiveBias

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Football season is here!!  That means that the weekend is filled with lots and lots of games.  My husband loves football.  My kids and I tolerate football :).  But really we all do enjoy watching the games together.  We especially love having people over to watch the games too.  When we do have people over it seems like after spending all day cleaning the house and getting everything ready, the idea of cooking doesn't sound appealing.  There are times that I just want to go and get some food that is already prepared.  Like these deli wings from Walmart.  We love chicken wings when it comes to game food!  And these wings from Walmart are Tyson wings (which we love too).  So I got a box of it, some dips to go with them and made a quick wrap.  It was super easy and oh so yummy and my #GameTimeHero!
#ad Football-Game-Food-Ideas-Tyson-Wings #gametimehero
Right before the game I headed to Walmart to get some wings from the deli.  I decided to get the pick 3 bucket.  I got the bone in hot wings, the boneless General Tso's wings in barbeque flavor and some cheese sticks.  You can also get them into a platted meal or by the pound.  It's nice to be able to grab them and then head home and not have to cook :).
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I also picked up some Kraft dressing to make some yummy dips for them.
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For the wrap all you need is:
Chipotle BBQ sauce
Boneless Wings
I spread the chipotle BBQ sauce and ranch all over the tortilla.
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Then I added some rice, cheese and the General Tso's wings to it.  
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Then I rolled it up and cut it into pieces. It was super yummy!
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With the rest of the wings, I just put them on a plate.  Everything so was so easy to do, so nice because I don't love spending hours in the kitchen.  I'd much rather be socializing with my friends.
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I had the Kraft dressings out so people could dip the wraps and wings in it. 
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My husband went straight for the wrap.  Me on other hand went straight for the hot wings.  I paired them with the cheese sticks and ranch and I was one happy camper!
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What is your favorite flavor of chicken wings?  What is your go to football game food?


Janet Krugel said...

This looks like a great spread for a fun football party. My boys love wings and these are so easy to pick up and go! #client