Sunday, September 28, 2014

Air Hogs Vectron Wave #VectronInSpace

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Being a mom of 4 boys we have a fair share of boy toys in our house., My boys love all things that fly or are some kind of vehicle.  They especially love things that have to do with outer space.  My oldest especially loves outer space. He is obsessed with planets, stars, the galaxy and everything that goes with it. So when I heard that the Vecton Wave went into the stratosphere, I thought that was really awesome and I knew that my boys would get a kick out of it too.  What a fun idea to take a flying toy and see what it's limits are.  

The Vectron Wave hit an altitude of 100,259 feet (over 18 miles)!  They set it off in a desert in California.  They had to do several months of planning to achieve this goal, but it went up and they made this cool video of it.

The Vectron Wave is a little different kind of flying toy because instead of a remote control controlling it, your hand guides and controls it.  It's was a fun toy to watch go up and move where you moved.  The boys had fun playing with it.  The box recommends that it is a toy for children 8 and older and I completely agree with that. Since you have to be close to it with your hand I didn't let my younger kids play with it.

air hogs vectron wave (20)
We got a special case and astronaut ice cream to try out so we could experience  #VectronInSpace. 
air hogs vectron wave (2)

Check out their contest that they have going on.