Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Awesome Poster Birthday Cards for Kids #KidsCards

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November is a big birthday month of us.  We have two birthdays next month and this year my son's birthday is a pretty big one.  He's turning 8 this year and it's an important birthday to our family so I want to make it a a special birthday for him.  It happens that his birthday is landing on the weekend of Thanksgiving too, so I want to try to do little thing here and there for him so make him feel special because on his actual birthday we will be traveling.

  It is amazing how a simple thing like a card that can really brighten up a day and can make someone feel special and feel loved.  These Hallmark poster cards for kids are super cool. I found the Captain America one and I knew it would be perfect for him.
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I got the poster cards at Walmart in the Hallmark card section.  I found them right by an end cap in their own little section.  They had several different styles.  I picked up the Captain America one and all the Minnie Mouse one for my little girl's birthday in November.  Both of my kids are going to love them!  Did you know that there is a Hallmark cards rewards program?  For every 5 cards you buy, you get rewards, sweet huh?  Check out it here.  
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These poster #kidscards are so fun!  The kids get to open them and read the card.  Then they are in for a big surprise.  It's like a gift within itself! 
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I gave the card to my son and he was pretty excited about it.  He was even more excited when he saw that it got bigger!
#shop Awesome-birthday-poster-cards-for-kids #kidscards (21)
Here is his reaction when he opened it, he was really excited about it.   

Look at that smile!  When I take pictures of him, he usually gives me a "fake smile".  Well this is not a fake smile.  He was seriously so excited about this poster and kept on talking about it.  He asked if he could put it on his bedroom door because he liked it so much.  He also asked me if it was taller than me because he was so shocked by how big it was!  It was so fun to see his reaction!  
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I thought that they were so cool that I picked up one for my little girl too!  She will be so excited to get it.  The card itself is super cute! 
#shop Awesome-birthday-poster-cards-for-kids #kidscards (19)
And the inside is great too.  I can't wait for her to open it up and see how big it gets!
#shop Awesome-birthday-poster-cards-for-kids #kidscards (20)
Aren't these so much fun?  I think so!  Don't you think that it would be a fun surprise to give one of these to someone you know and see their reaction when they open it up?  I bet that they will be excited about it!  It's a card that is a gift too, woohoo!  

Make sure you go and check out this site to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see some awesome stuff from other bloggers.  Also, join in the #kidscards conversation on Twitter! 


Nicole Elliott said...

Awww--so sweet! I love his real smile--it's always precious when you're able to capture those! But that poster card is pretty awesome--I think it'd make any little guy smile! #client