Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Pokemon Jigglypuff Costume

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Being the only girl in the family of boys, my little girls is forced to like or play with boy things.  It's kinda how I grew up too, with having my closest sibling being a boy.  So I love the super heroes and other things like that.  She didn't love the idea of doing Pokemon.  She told me she wanted to be a princess.  Well I told her that she could be a super cute pink Pokemon.  I did tell her that she could be a princess when she goes to school dressed up :)
DIY Pokemon Jigglypuff Costume
Here is what Jigglypuff looks like.  
I made her costume the same way as Pikachu and just decorating the head a little different. 
DIY Pokemon Jigglypuff Costume (1)
For the ears and hair twirl, I sewed two pieces of fabric together and turned it inside out and then using a needle and thread I hand sewed it onto the hood.  And then I glued on the big blue eyes.
DIY Pokemon Jigglypuff Costume (2)
And that’s it!  I love it and so does she!
DIY Pokemon Jigglypuff Costume (4)

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