Friday, October 31, 2014

Pokemon Trick Or Treat Bags

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Yesterday I was thinking to myself, "I don't have any bag for the kids for Halloween."  I really didn't want to run to the store because I dragging 3 kids with me is never fun, even if it is just for one thing.  I had a lot of fleece felt over from Pokemon costumes, so I thought why not make each of my kids a matching bag.  They actually were very easy to make and didn't take super long to make. 

Pokemon Trick Or Treat Bags
I just sewed together the bags and then using a glue gun, I glued the faces on.  I just cut them out of felt.

**If I were to make them again I would definitely not make the handles out of fleece, the fabric stretches as the bag gets heavier.  So I would use a think ribbon or a thicker material.**

Here are the Pikachu and Jigglypuff ones 

Pokemon Trick Or Treat Bags (2) Pokemon Trick Or Treat Bags (3)
Squirtle and Charizard
Pokemon Trick Or Treat Bags (4) Pokemon Trick Or Treat Bags (5)
And last a Pokemon ball!
Pokemon Trick Or Treat Bags (6)


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La Vita Bella said...

The costumes and bags are adorable! I always make matching candy bags for my kids' costumes. I was looking for ideas for pokemon candy bags and came across your post. Love them! Good work. :)