Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spooky Halloween Low Calorie Drinks #PlatinumPoints #CollectiveBias

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Everyone in my family loves a fun drink.  Whether it be juice, chocolate milk or water with flavor in it, my kids get pretty excited about it.  You can say that our family is pretty obsessed with fun drinks.   What I don't love about all of those fruity drinks and other drinks is all the calories in them.  It's amazing how much sugar is in them and I think as parents we don't realize or we forget how much sugar and calories are in those drinks.  

My kids don't love water, they will drink it when they are really thirsty, but they prefer something different.  That's why we use Crystal Light in our house.  We constantly have three or four flavors in our cupboards.  It helps my kids to drink more water and honestly it helps me stay hydrated too.  We just put a little squirt of the flavor in our water and we are good to go.  My kids will drink a full cup.  It's great and we love it.

We love it so much that I thought that it would be fun to turn our regular water flavored with Crystal Light into a spooky Halloween drink.  It was so fun to make and my kids had a blast drinking it!  Who knew that drinking water could be this much fun!
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints
 Before hand I froze some Halloween rings in ice cubes, to make the drink even more spooky.  I of course washed them before putting them into the water. 
#shop #PlatinumPoints
I used the Tropical Coconut (one of my favorites) for the drink.  The orange color is perfect for
 Halloween.  I then used about 64 oz of water and I crushed some ice with a blender.
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints (16)
I squirted the liquid into the water and then stirred it up.
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints (17)
Then I added the crushed ice.
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints (18)
Now time for all the creepy ice cubes.  
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints (19)
Isn't it so much fun?!  Seriously they would have be happy with it just like this.  It was so fun.
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints (21)
But to make it really spooky, I thought that it would awesome to put a little dry ice in it.  And it was!  They kids loved watching it bubble and I did too.  If you want it to be extra bubbly, you can add the Crystal Light to carbonated water too.
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints (25)
I got all of the Crystal Light in the flavored water section at Walmart.  There are so many flavors to choose from.  We love both the packets and the liquids.  
#shop #platinumPoints
Here are three of my favorite flavors.  
#shop Low-Calorie-Spooky-Halloween-Drink-with-Crysal-Light #PlatinumPoints (15)
Do you love Crystal Light as much as I do?  Well Crystal Light has teamed up with Miranda Lambert and has come up with a loyalty program called #PlatinumPoints.  Basically all you have to do is buy the Crystal Light that you love from Walmart, take a picture of your receipt and send it in and then you will get rewards to get some awesome Miranda Lambery rewards!  And at the end of the program, they are going to randomly selected one winner, woohoo!  Sounds sweet, huh?!  

Now you tell me, which one is your favorite flavor? 


Jenna Wood said...

Would you believe I've never used carbonated water with Crystal Light- since you suggested it, I think I will give it a try! #Client