Thursday, November 13, 2014

Consumer Crafts #HandmadeHoliday14

Disclosure- I was chosen and compensated to create this post for Consumer Crafts.  All opinions are my own. 

Hello my name is Kaysi and I'm a craft hoarder :).  But seriously, I love craft supplies.  I love having them on hand so when I'm ready to do a project I can immediately start working on it.  I especially love websites that have craft supplies so I can shop at home and not drag my kids into a craft store, because that never ends well.  I have found that one great place to get awesome craft supplies is Consumer Crafts.
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I was blown away by how many products they had for sale.  Seriously, so much stuff!  They have all kinds of craft supplies, jewelry, mirrors, wood, flowers and so much more.  You really need to check it out to see all that they have.  Plus they offer free shipping on orders over $75.  Sweet! 
consumer crafts
With the holidays coming up I decided that I wanted to look for some fun foam pieces that I could use for Christmas.  I was really happy to see the prices of the foam were so good.  I haven't bought the cones before they are pretty pricey.  These weren't at all, so I was glad.
consumer crafts2
I'm really loving glitter lately and you can never have too many colors of glitter.  I had fun looking at all of the fun colors.  
consumer crafts 3
They even have yarn!  And look at the prices of them, less than $2?!  Awesome!  Such a great price.
consumer crafts 4
Consumer Crafts has a ton of products, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of how many things they have.  You need to check out this awesome holiday catalog to see what they have and to get some inspiration and ideas.  Plus it has a coupon in it too.
The ordering process was super simple and quick and I was shocked by how quickly the order got to my house.  It got to my house in about a week so that was great!  Here is what I got.
consumer crafts (2)
I am pretty excited to show you the Christmas crafts that I am going to create with it.  So check back next week to see what I do with it all! :)
consumer crafts (1)