Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Easy Thanksgiving Treat Idea- Turkey and Pumpkin Candy Pouches

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Raise your hand if you have a TON of Halloween candy left over.  We do!  I'm getting sick of it in my house but I feel bad throwing it away and then going and buying candy for the holidays.  So I thought that it was a good time to use that candy and turn it into something fun and perfect for Thanksgiving.  I love all of my different candy pouches that I have made, they have been a huge hit whenever I make them.  I thought that these would be perfect for Thanksgiving.  Either you can give them away or you can use them as a place setting.  Either way, they are super fun and cute!

Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches
This is what you'll need:
Sandwich bags, glue gun, Halloween candy, and pumpkins and turkeys cut out of card stock.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (2)
This is how I made it:
Using my Silhouette CAMEO, I cut out the shapes.  You cut out one that is a solid shape and then one with a circle in the middle of it.  So each pouch has two pieces of card stock.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (1)
I thought that it would be fun to just use the candy in their wrappers for a few of them.  They were SUPER EASY to make!  Seriously only took like 5 minutes to make.  I just glued down the side of the candy, glued it onto the solid pumpkin.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (3)
Then I put the other piece over it and glue the sides down.  Easy peasy!  I did the same thing for the turkey.  Then I glued a head onto the bag of candy.  It's especially nice to do the turkeys like this because there aren't a ton of brown M&M's, so these packages make the perfect turkeys!
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (4)
For the other pumpkins I separated the candy into different colors.  Then I put a line of glue all around the edge of the pumpkin and put the sandwich bag over it.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (5)
I filled the bag with the candy and then I put the glue directly onto the bag.  This helps melt the bag so the two pieces of card stock are glued together and not just glued to the bag.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (6)
I put on the other pumpkin and then glued the rest of it down.  Then I trimmed the sandwich bag with scissors.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (7)
There is the pumpkin all done, I love how it turned out!  These are so much fun!
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (8)
I made the turkeys the exact same way.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (9)
Once I trimmed the bag off, I then put the head onto the circle.  I didn't glue in on the bag, I just glued it down on the card stock.  I was afraid the glue would melt the bag and get onto the candy.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (10)

I then cut out some card stock to make the feathers and face of the turkey and glued those on. Then I printed out the free printable that I made.  I made some that you can use for a place setting or ones that are just plain.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (12)
I cut them out and then using a brad, I put it onto the pumpkins.
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (18)
These are going to be so much fun for Thanksgiving dinner!  I can't wait to put the turkeys on everyone's plates!
Easy Thanksgiving Candy Pouches (17)

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Emily Olson said...

I love these! Did you use an image from the design studio or make your own?

JennyJ said...

I'm making some right now with my silhouette! However, I'm wondering the size/dimensions you made yours?