Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turkey Leftovers Recipe Idea- Turkey and Bacon Stuffed Rolls #TasteTheSeason

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Thanksgiving is this Thursday, are you ready?  I am so ready to have some amazing food, enjoy time with my family and think about all the things that I am grateful for.  

I don't know about you, but when it comes to the dinner, our family always seems to go all out and buy a TON of food.  So we always have a bunch of leftovers.  As much as I love having turkey sandwiches for 3 or 4 days after Thanksgiving (I really don't enjoy it...) I want to use the turkey for something else.  I want to make another meal out of it. I don't like to waste perfectly good food.  So I made up this recipe for turkey and bacon stuffed rolls.  They were amazing and my whole family loved them, my kids sneaked one as an afternoon snack even.  Plus the majority of the ingredients are things that you have left over from Thanksgiving.  
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I headed to Walmart to get the ingredients for the recipe.  I used mayo and ranch in it, so I picked up some Kraft mayo and ranch.  I found them in the condiments aisle.  
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This is what you'll need for the recipe:
12 Rolls dough (freezer or homemade) 
1/4 cup Kraft Ranch
1/2 cup Kraft Mayo
1-2 green onions (chopped)
Kraft shredded Swiss cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

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1) Let the rolls dough rise.  The longer you let them rise, the fluffier they will be.  I let these rise for about 2 hours (I wish I would have gone a little longer).
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2) Prepare the sauce.  I did a 2:1 mayo to ranch ratio.  I added the green onion and salt and pepper and stirred it altogether.  
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3) Put a little flour onto the counter and then roll out the rolls dough.  Then put them into a greased muffin pan.
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4) Add one teaspoon of the sauce into each roll.  Then fill the roll with turkey, bacon, and Kraft cheese. Fold the remaining dough together and press together.  I used water on my fingers to help the dough stick together at the top.
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5) Once all the rolls were closed, I put a few pieces of cheese on top.
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6) Bake in the oven at 350* for 20-25 minutes, or until the rolls are golden brown.
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And that's it!! They were so yummy!  You can pair them with the leftover green bean casserole and stuffing for a full meal.  We dipped ours into the Kraft ranch and it was oh so yummy.
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If you want more recipes that help you #TasteTheSeason, check out the website Cooking Up Good.  It's a Kraft Walmart Hub with lots of amazing recipes perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any day meals.  


Stephanie said...

What a great way to liven up leftovers! I've got so much turkey leftover, this is definitely a great way to use it! Thanks for sharing #client!