Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Easy Christmas Wreath Idea- Framed Christmas Wreath

It's December so I am taking out all of my Christmas decorations and finally getting in the spirit of Christmas!  I have made Christmas wreaths in the past but I'm not sure what happened to them, so I decided to make another easy one for my entry way and for my front door.  I love how they turned out and how easy they were to make!  
framed Christmas wreath
This is how I made the wreath:
I took a straw wreath and wrapped it with red yarn.  Every once in awhile I will glue down the yarn so it doesn't move.
framed Christmas wreath (12)
Then after it was all wrapped, I used some of these fun glittery flowers that I got from Jo-Ann on Black Friday. They ended up being about $.20 a piece and I love how pretty they are!  I just cut off the stems and then using a glue gun glued them to the wreath.  Very easy! 
framed Christmas wreath (13)
For the frame, I cut 4 pieces of wood.  Each piece of wood has a 45* angle at the end.  The middle of the wood is of each piece was 18 inches (so it made a square, this is a different picture of a rectangle one I made).  For a full tutorial on how I made the frame, check out my framed map.  
framed map (10)
I put some ribbon onto the wreath and then hung it on the frame.  You could easily staple the ribbon to the frame if you didn't want to see the ribbon on the front of the wood.  
framed Christmas wreath (1)
And that's it.  So easy and I love it!
framed Christmas wreath (2)
I made another one for my front door too.  I put a few more flowers and leaves on it.  
framed Christmas wreath (11)
Aren't they so pretty?  I'm thinking I need to get a few more for some other decorations.  I love them!
framed Christmas wreath (10)

framed Christmas wreath (9)