Thursday, December 11, 2014

Perfect Gift Idea for Boys- Portable Minecraft Gameband #GameontheGo

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If you have a Minecraft lover in your house then I have a treat for you.  This is the perfect gift for any Minecraft lover.  Are you ready for it?  It's a portable Minecraft Gameband, it's a #GameontheGo.  What does that mean?  It means that your kids can download their worlds into the Gameband and then they can play their worlds on any computer!! How awesome is that?!  Seriously this would be the best present for any Minecraft lover.  It's perfect for the holidays (or any time of the year) but this is a hot item, so you don't want to miss out on it, get it before it gone!  I headed to the store right when I found out about it!
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I headed to GameStop to get the awesome new Gameband. In some stores it will be in the mobile gaming section.  Since this is such a new product, not all stores may have it in stock but they will have an empty box at the counter.  So you just need to ask the worker about it, they will know what to do.  You can order the Gameband and they will ship it to your house.  It only takes about 2 days to get there. It is totally worth getting, so make sure you get into GameStop before they are gone.
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This is what you get, this awesome band that has a USB connection and an LED screen.
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My son was most excited about the idea of being able to customize the LED display.  He immediately wanted to put the time on it and put some creepers onto it.  So he did it.  It was so easy to do and was able to do it himself.
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This is how you do it:
You plug in the Gameband (after you register it) into your computer and then you click on the PixelFurnace app.
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From there you can add your animations, time and date.  He wanted to have the time and date and some creepers.  For the time and date you just click the enable button.
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For the creepers he clicked the add animation button and then used the paint brush and created it.  It was so easy and only took a few minutes to do.  Then he just clicked apply and it went to his Gameband. It was awesome!  I'm sure soon it will be flashing messages and texts.
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Once it was customized, he put it to the test and started creating.  He downloaded all of his worlds onto it and played.  The coolest part is that when he goes to a friend's house, he can take the Gameband and he will be able to play his worlds there.  He could create worlds with his friends and then play them at all of the different houses, how cool is that? 
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I personally love Minecraft. It's one video game that I like my kids to play because they get to be creative and build.  So I would much rather them play Minecraft at their friend's house than other games that I don't know about or that I don't trust.

Check out this video and see some other awesome things about it. 
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Ashley @ 3 Little Greenwoods said...

Oh my goodness! My oldest son has a Gameband and loves it. He think he is hot stuff showing it off to his friends when they get together to play Minecraft.

Thanks for the great post!
~ Ashley

Michelle said...

I love that Minecraft can be such a collaborative enterprise - and it makes them use so much creativity. I can see how your son is - great job creating those creeper animations. That's so cool! #client