Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DIY Seahawks Shirt #NFLVinyl

Disclosure: I was given product to use to create these shirts, all opinions, ideas and content are 100% my own.

Our whole life we have lived in the west.  We grew up in WY, moved to Kansas, Utah and Nebraska.  Do you know what all of those have in common?  The closest NFL team was Denver, so naturally we became Broncos fans.  My husband has always liked the Broncos!  Well we are now Broncos fans in Seahawks country.  Now that we live in Washington all we see is things for the hawks.  Even though we are still Broncos fans, I thought that it would be fun for my kids to have some Seahawks shirts.  The idea of buying them just sounded expensive.  I can't afford to buy 4 or 5 shirts that cost $15 a piece.  So instead I bought some shirts at the dollar store and then used heat transfer to make the design on them.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl
 Here are the shirts that I bought at the dollar store.  Can't beat a shirt for $1!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (2)
I then cut out the #12 and #GoHawks out of the heat transfer vinyl.  Make sure when you are cutting out the heat transfer, you make sure you mirror the image horizontally and you have the shiny sign down on the mat.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (3)
I ironed on the green heat transfer.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (4)
Then I ironed on the blue directly onto the green.  Doesn't the layered look look awesome?!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (5)
Here are the boys' shirts.  I love how they turned out!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (7)
And here is my little girl's shirt, I LOVE the glitter heat transfer.  It's my favorite and it looks amazing!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (8)
As you can tell, they were pretty excited about wearing them.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (10)

SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (13)

Here are some other fabulous ideas to make some awesome shirts to cheer on your favorite sports team.
Vinyl Roundup

All of this vinyl came from my absolute favorite vinyl company, Expressions Vinyl.  They have such a huge variety of stuff!!  One lucky winner is going to get a $100 gift certificate there!  Woohoo, that can buy a LOT of vinyl.  If you would like to win, just enter the giveaway below.  Good luck!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Doc McStuffins Slumber Party Game Ideas #JuniorCelebrates #CollectiveBias

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

My little girl is obsessed with Disney Junior right now, she just loves it!  She especially loves Doc McStuffins and likes to watch it all the time.  I like it because it's educational and it's teaching her life lessons that she will need when she has to go to the doctor's.  Since we love Doc McStuffins so much, I thought it would be fun to invite a couple of my daughter's friends over and have a little party with them.  We had so much fun playing games with them!  These games are all super easy and most of them are games that I came up with using stuff that I bought at the store.
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates
I headed to Walmart to get all the Disney Junior supplies.  We got a super cute comforter for my little girl, some fun Hasbro games and some American Greeting decorations.  
#shop #JuniorCelebrates
Here is all the things that I got for the party! 
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (1)
Using the decorations and some band-aids, we played the game, pin the band-aid onto the doctor.
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (3)
I also made a fun scavenger hunt for the girls, to get ready for bed.  Each note had a little rhyme as a clue to what they should do next.  Here is what the clues said.
1- Get a Drink:
It has been fun but playtime is up
Time to get some liquid and fill up a cup.
2- Go Potty:
Bed time has come and before you go to your room
You need to go and use the bathroom.
3- Brush Teeth:
You are done eating all your food and beans
Now it's time to make your teeth squeaky clean.
4- Put on PJ's:
Before you go and do something strange
Go to your dresser and get changed.
5- Read a book:
It's almost time to go to bed 
Go get something that can be read.
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (2)#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (5)
I also made the girls a big book of boo boos so write and draw in.  
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (4)
The kids had so much fun playing all the fun games.  They thoroughly enjoyed the board games that I got.  I thought that this Operation game was just perfect!  
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (7)
Then we played Doc McStuffins memory game.  This actually kept them entertained for awhile (I love those kind of games).  
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (11)
Next we played pin the band-aid on the doctor.  It was a big hit too!  Plus it was so easy to make.
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (16)
Their all time favorite game was parachute with the comforter.  They had a blast!!  They had so much fun doing it over and over again. 
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (20)
Once we were done playing the games, it was time to settle down a little bit.  So I let them draw in their big book of boo boos.
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (32)
And the last activity was the scavenger hunt.  
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (17)
What a perfect evening with these fun little girls.   
#shop Doc-McStuffins-Slumber-Party-Game-Ideas #JuniorCelebrates (30)

If you are planning a party, Disney #JuniorCelebrates all kinds of occasions.  And they can be SO MUCH FUN!  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

20 Halloween Craft Ideas {MMM #244 Block Party}

I cannot believe that October is this week, where has the time gone??  Now that it's almost October, it's time to break out the Halloween decor!  I love decorating for Halloween, it's so much fun!!  Here are 20 awesome Halloween craft ideas:

Aren't these crafts awesome?  I love them all, you should really check them out!

I (Kaysi) am excited to be hosting again.  


If you haven't been to my blog, I've been doing lots of fun Halloween crafts lately, you should check them out!  Here are some I've done over the years.

Now it's time for the party!
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Air Hogs Vectron Wave #VectronInSpace

This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Old Spice. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine

Being a mom of 4 boys we have a fair share of boy toys in our house., My boys love all things that fly or are some kind of vehicle.  They especially love things that have to do with outer space.  My oldest especially loves outer space. He is obsessed with planets, stars, the galaxy and everything that goes with it. So when I heard that the Vecton Wave went into the stratosphere, I thought that was really awesome and I knew that my boys would get a kick out of it too.  What a fun idea to take a flying toy and see what it's limits are.  

The Vectron Wave hit an altitude of 100,259 feet (over 18 miles)!  They set it off in a desert in California.  They had to do several months of planning to achieve this goal, but it went up and they made this cool video of it.

The Vectron Wave is a little different kind of flying toy because instead of a remote control controlling it, your hand guides and controls it.  It's was a fun toy to watch go up and move where you moved.  The boys had fun playing with it.  The box recommends that it is a toy for children 8 and older and I completely agree with that. Since you have to be close to it with your hand I didn't let my younger kids play with it.

air hogs vectron wave (20)
We got a special case and astronaut ice cream to try out so we could experience  #VectronInSpace. 
air hogs vectron wave (2)

Check out their contest that they have going on.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Easy Halloween Decoration- Spider Garland

When I finished putting my Halloween decor onto my entry way table, I felt like it needed something hanging down in front of it.  I seem to have a spider theme going on this year, so I thought that a spider garland would be perfect for the table.
Halloween spider garland
This is how I made it:
Using my Silhouette CAMEO, I cut out some spiders out of green glitter paper.
Halloween spider garland (1)
I then put the spiders and the foam spiderwebs onto some baker's twine and then taped it onto the table.
Halloween spider garland (2)
And that's it!!  Super easy to make and so much fun! I love how this table looks!
Halloween spider garland (4)