Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kid Friendly Recipe- Goldfish Crackers Breaded Chicken Nuggets #GoldfishMix

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There are a few foods that we go through like crazy because we love them so much.   I swear we are constantly going through Goldfish crackers and I have to get a big carton of them weekly (we like them that much).  It is one of our favorite snacks. It's a food that is always in our pantry.  They are just so good!!  They are our go to snack whenever we are out and about.  Because we like them so much I knew that we would love them as an ingredient in a recipe.  And boy was I right.  These Goldfish crackers breaded chicken nuggets were amazing and the kids just loved them!
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I headed to Walmart to get them.  I found the Goldfish crackers on the end cap in the seasonal section.  Right now the big cartons are on Rollback for only $5.98.
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This is what you'll need:
Chicken breasts
Goldfish crackers (any flavor)
Pepper, to the taste
Garlic salt, to the taste
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Add the Goldfish crackers, garlic salt and pepper into a food processor and crush the crackers to make the breading.
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Put the crackers into one bowl and the eggs into another bowl.
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Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces.  Then dip the chicken into the Goldfish crackers and then into the eggs and finally back into the crackers again.
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Put them onto a cookie sheet and bake them for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.
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You can also deep fry them.  I did a bunch in the deep fryer and set it at 375 degrees and fried them for 5 minutes.
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Here are the baked nuggets.  They were so yummy!
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And here are the fried nuggets.  They were super yummy too!
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It's nice to have a chicken nuggets that has good quality meat in it.  Plus the Goldfish crackers gives it just the right flavor. 
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My kids absolutely loved them!  I'm excited to make them for the next time we have a party or have to bring an appetizer to a get together.  It's always nice to bring something that I know that my kids will love!
What is your favorite flavor of Goldfish crackers?  I think that these would be so fun with the colored Goldfish crackers.  What a fun treat for everyone!  For more recipes and snack ideas with Goldfish crackers check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts! 



oh my kids would love these chicken nuggets! Combining chicken and Goldfish crackers is like a dream come true for them! #client