Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Easy Homemade Minecraft Valentines- Enderman Candy Bars with Free Printable

My boys love Minecraft and they of course wanted to have homemade Minecraft valentines to hand out to their classes.  One of my sons really likes the Enderman of Minecraft.  So he wanted a valentine with that instead of the usually creeper or Steve.  So I thought that it would be fun (and easy) to turn a candy bar into an Enderman.  I love how they turned out with the printable that I made.  Best of all, my son loves them! 
This is what I used-
The printable I create, black paper, purple glitter paper and glow in the dark vinyl.  
Easy-Homemade-Minecraft-Valentine-Enderman-Candy-Bar- (3)
I cut the back paper into pieces that we 2 3/4" x 3 "using my paper trimmer.
Easy-Homemade-Minecraft-Valentine-Enderman-Candy-Bar- (5)
I then wrapped some fun sized candy bars with the paper.  I taped and glued the paper onto the candy bar.
Easy-Homemade-Minecraft-Valentine-Enderman-Candy-Bar- (6)
Then I cut out some rectangles out of the glow in the dark vinyl and purple paper and glued them onto the candy bar.
Easy-Homemade-Minecraft-Valentine-Enderman-Candy-Bar- (7)
I then cut out the printable that I made.  
Easy-Homemade-Minecraft-Valentine-Enderman-Candy-Bar- (8)
And finally I glued on the candy bar onto the printable.  And that's it!  I love how they turned out.
Easy-Homemade-Minecraft-Valentine-Enderman-Candy-Bar- (9)
I especially love that the eyes glow in the dark, the kids are going to think that they are so awesome!!  
Easy-Homemade-Minecraft-Valentine-Enderman-Candy-Bar- (10)

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