Thursday, February 5, 2015

Easy No Candy Valentine- Eraser Valentine with Free Printable

As I was walking down the Valentine's Day aisle in the store, I saw these erasers.  My kids actually love erasers so I thought that they would be a fun things to give out.  I made up a couple saying that go with them.  I had one be more sweet and seriously and the other one is just funny to me.  Like something I would give to my husband ;)
No Candy Eraser Valentine
I got these erasers from the dollar store and then printed out the printable
Easy-no-candy-valentine-with-printable-eraser-valentine (1)
I cut them up out with a paper trimmer.
Easy-no-candy-valentine-with-printable-eraser-valentine (3)
Then put a dab on hot glue onto them.  And that's it!!  So easy and  so fun (and funny). 
Easy-no-candy-valentine-with-printable-eraser-valentine (4)