Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Easy DIY Minecraft Creeper No Candy Valentine with Free Printable

I know that a lot of school do not allow candy with Valentines because of food allergies, so I thought that it would be fun to make a Minecraft Creeper valentine that didn't have any candy in it.  These would always make great party favors for a Minecraft party too.
  I know that my kids love post-it notes.  They love to write on them and then stick them on the wall.  So I thought that other kids would like them too.  Plus the green ones were soooooo easy to turn into Creepers, I couldn't resist making them.   
This is how I made them
This is what I used:
Green post it notes, a printable that I made and some black vinyl I cut with my Silhouette. 
Super-Easy-Minecraft-Creeper-Valentine-with-Printable (1)
The post it notes comes with two pads but I thought that they were pretty thick, so I divided each pad in half.  I think that they could easily be split into thirds too.
Super-Easy-Minecraft-Creeper-Valentine-with-Printable (2)
I then used some transfer paper and put the vinyl onto the post it notes. 
Super-Easy-Minecraft-Creeper-Valentine-with-Printable (3)
I cut out the printable using my paper trimmer.  You can get the printable here
Super-Easy-Minecraft-Creeper-Valentine-with-Printable (5)
And then I glued the post it note onto the printable.  And that's it!  So easy!  I love how they turned out and my boys think they are cool too, so that's a good sign!  Plus I love how easy they were to make.  Making 25 of these won't take me very long at all!
Super-Easy-Minecraft-Creeper-Valentine-with-Printable (6)
I made up three different sayings for the printables.  I like to have one that my boys can get to the girls and one that they can give to the boys. 
Super-Easy-Minecraft-Creeper-Valentine-with-Printable (7)
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