Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Easy Easter School Lunch Treats with Printables

I think that it's so fun to send a fun treat in my kids' school lunches every once in awhile.  What is even better are themed ones.  I love a good pun and so do my kids, so I made up some fun printables that go well with a lot of store bought candy.  There are so many eggs candy or bunny shaped candy and these super fun carrot candies.  They were super easy to make I know that they are going to brighten up my kids' days!
I just printed out the printable and bought some fun candy.
Easter-School-Lunch-Treats-with-Printable (1)
For the egg candy, I used some little clear bags and then put some cardstock over the bag.  Then I glued the printable onto the cardstock.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Treats-with-Printable (2)
Super cute and fun!  My kids are going to love these.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Treats-with-Printable (3)
The carrot ones are so fun too!  I just used some baker's twine and tied the printable onto the carrot.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Treats-with-Printable (5)
And finally the little bunny one.  So easy to do!
Easter-School-Lunch-Treats-with-Printable (7)

Easter-School-Lunch-Treats-with-Printable (8)