Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DIY Flower Play Rug Perfect For a Play Kitchen

This is the first house that we have ever had a decorated room for my little girl.  Her being the only girl in the family, she is going to luck out and never have to share a room!  So when I decorated her room I wanted to go all out and have fun it with.  I had a lot of fun (you can see more of it, here).   Her closet is a walk in closet and is really big, so we turned half of it into a little play kitchen.  When I was decorating the kitchen, I thought that it would be fun to make a little rug to go by her table in there.  The best part, it only cost me $1 and it was soooooo easy to make.  Plus I love how it turned out!

This is how I did it:
I picked up this rug at the dollar store.  Yes I said the dollar store.  I think they had them in the pet aisle.  It's a nice gray, so I picked it up and then decided to decorate it.DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (2)
The first thing I did was put these flowers on it.  I cut them out with my silhouette.  They are vinyl and just stuck them onto the rug.  Then using purple acrylic paint, I painted the whole rug.
DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (5)
I then took off the vinyl.  When you do that, you get this cute rug!!
DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (10)

And that's it!!  So easy to do and so fun!  
DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (13)

Here it is in her play kitchen.  Isn't her kitchen so great?  She loves it and I find her in there playing all the time!
tasyn closet