Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Inexpensive DIY Plank Statement Wall

My family is full of DIYers, they are amazing!  It's amazing the things that they do to their homes!  My brother bought a home a few years ago that was not in great shape.  I think that is putting it nicely.  The previous owners did not take care of it.  It was dirty with holes in the wall.  They have spent the past few years fixing it up and it looks amazing now!  Hard work really pays off!  He let me share with you guys his latest project, a plank statement wall.  It looks so cool plus it is a very easy DIY project and doesn't cost very much! 

Here is the wall before.
DIY-Statement-Plank-Wall (3)
For the plank wall he used fence wood, in various sizes.  Then he painted them all different colors.  
DIY-Statement-Plank-Wall (4)
Once all of the planks were painted, he arranged them into the wall and nailed them in with a nail gun.
DIY-Statement-Plank-Wall (5)

DIY-Statement-Plank-Wall (10)
And that's it!  Very simple and it easy to do.  What a great way to put some color into a room!
DIY-Statement-Plank-Wall (13)

DIY-Statement-Plank-Wall (14)