Wednesday, May 13, 2015

3 Ingredient Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

For the past month my husband and I have been doing a biggest loser challenge against each other.  We are doing it for 10 weeks and the person who has lost the highest percentage of weight gets to win the prize of their choosing (I'm hoping to win some new clothes!).  I was doing pretty good for the first few weeks lost a few pounds and then week 3 hit.  That's usually when my body takes off and I get into a rhythm.  So when I weighed myself and found that I had gained 1/2 pound, I knew that I need to work on my diet so more.  Then I realized that I wasn't eating enough fruits and veggies.  So I immediately got some fruits and made smoothies for myself.  It made the perfect snack because it actually filled me up until it was time to eat again.  I came up with this super easy and super yummy strawberry kiwi smoothie! 


All you need is:
2 cups frozen strawberries
1 kiwi, skin removed
1.5 cups almond milk

Throw them all into a blender and enjoy!  It made about 1.5 servings, so I put some of it into the fridge and had it for breakfast the next morning.  
3-ingredient-strawberry-kiwi-smoothie (3)
It was so great! Smoothies is definitely going to be something I'm going to have daily :).   
3-ingredient-strawberry-kiwi-smoothie (1)