Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mini Kids Bedroom Makeover with South Shore Furniture

Disclosure: I was chosen and compensated to participate in this campaign with South Shore Furniture by Mom it Forward.  All opinions are 100% my own.  

My little boys' bedroom is one of the last bedrooms that I haven't decorated.  I knew that he really didn't care so I didn't do anything.  But then I realized that his room was boring and plain and I couldn't handle it any longer!  So I decided to do a mini makeover on his bedroom to spruce it up and to give it a color scheme and theme. It was super easy to do because I used a super cute night stand from South Shore Furniture and their fun knight themed decals.  It made for a super easy transformation.

mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad
Here is his room before.  Pretty boring and sad, huh?
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (1)
And here is the after!  I still have a few things I want to do in there, but now I have a color scheme and theme!  It's so much funner now.  
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (8)
Here is the little night stand that I got from South Shore Furniture.  It's a nice piece of furniture, just the right size for a night stand.  Plus I love that it has drawers.  
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (2)
What makes these furniture even more fun are the fun decals that come with them.  The decals are made for each specific piece of furniture, so they fit perfectly.  They are super easy to put on.  All I had to do was take off the hands and then match up the handle holes and then press it down onto the furniture.  
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (3)
Then I matched up the other piece and that's it!  Super easy and super cute.  The best part, if I decide that I don't want to do a knight theme in his room anymore or if he grows out of it, I can easily take off the decal and I still have a super cute night stand.  
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (4)
Here are the fun little knights too!  I love the colors in them, I'm going to continue the color scheme of red, turquoise, yellow and gray through out his whole room.
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (7)
The decals are printed on white vinyl so they won't hurt your walls or any furniture.  Each knight is an individual sticker, so you can put them on the walls as you like.  
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (6)
And that's it!!  Isn't it so much more fun now?  And it was so easy.  It just took a few stickers and a cute night stand to make his room look so much better!  Now I want to do more for his room (I'm thinking of painting the crib to match).  
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (8)

They look so great together! 
mini-bedroom-makeover-with-South-Shore-Furniture #ad (16)
 There are even more fun pieces to this set that you should check out, they are so much fun! 

South Shore Furniture has a variety of furniture and stickers.  They come in three different categories: headboards (for teens and adults), kids bedrooms and baby bedrooms.  You should check them out, they have some really cool and awesome things!