Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Simple Tips to Organize Your Pantry

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I am always so surprised by how much food we go through in our house.  You would think that I would be used to it since I go shopping every week and buy a lot of food, but it still surprises me.  I always think that I am buying a lot of food and that it will last for a month or so and then all the sudden it will be gone in a week (those growing boys of mine are going to eat me out of house and home pretty soon).  Since we go through so much fun, I LOVE a good sale where I can stock up on food that I know that we will go through and eat quickly.  Right now Albertsons and it's banner stores are having a huge anniversary sale,  I'm going to head there and stock up on some food and you should too!  But before I go shopping I have to organize my pantry so I can fit all the food I plan to  buy.  I wanted to share some simple tips that worked really well for me in my pantry!
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I shopped at Safeway at the anniversary sale but you can shop at the different stores like Albertsons, Vons, or Amigos.   
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From July 29 until August 11 the stores are going to have a variety of deals that you aren't going to want to miss!  I love shopping these sales because the more you buy the more you save.  Plus whenever go I into one of the stores all the workers are so nice and friendly with me, I love that they ask me if I need help finding anything.

I picked up some Lay's Potato Chips and some Gatorade.  These are perfect for afternoon snacks for my kids.  During the sale you can get the Gatorade, 8-pack 20 oz. bottles for $3.99 each when you buy 5. You can also get Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast for $1.79 a pound and Pepsi, 24 pk cubes for $5.88 when you buy 2.

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I decided that I needed to organize my pantry, it was a disaster in there.  So I cut out some vinyl and separated my food into different groups.  I'm hoping that this will help for organization purposes but also for inventory purposes.  I can look at shelf and see what is there and see quickly whether or not I need more food of a certain kind.
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I put the vinyl directly onto the shelf and then put the food onto the shelf.
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I also picked up some baskets to put snacks into.  I decided to separate some of the bulk snacks that I buy into sandwich bags.  This way my kids can grab an individual bag of chips rather than eating the whole big bag.  It's a great way to help with portion control (for them and for me).  I also put the Gatorade in a basket so they can grab one real quick too.  
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I also got a basket for some miscelaneous snacks.  Have you ever had three boxes opened with just one package in each one.  These baskets help with that.  I just put a bunch of the snacks into the basket and threw away the box.  It makes it so much easier to see what we have and it makes it less cluttered.
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My kids approved of the bags of chips and Gatorade.  They were pretty excited to read the "afternoon snacks" label and know that they could have whatever was in the basket for their snack.
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Look at that smile, he's one happy kid!!
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And I'm one happy mom because my pantry is more organized and ready for me to stock up on some more food to get ready for the school year!
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What kinds of foods do you go through the most?  What food are you going to stock up at Safeway?


Stephanie Thomas said...

We go through so much string cheese! I'm going to have to put together a snack bin and see if that helps us to take advantage of more options! Your pantry looks great!