Monday, August 17, 2015

Chores that Toddlers Can Do and are Actually Helpful

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School is almost back in session and it's time to get back into our normal routine.  My house has suffered this summer (with 5 kids at home it's really hard to keep up with the chores and the summer activities) and I'm ready to take back my house and make it clean again!  Since 4 of my kids will be in school at some point in the day, this little guy is going to be hanging around me at all times.  I know that he's going to get lonely and miss his siblings, so it's time for him to learn how to do some chores and help me out when I'm cleaning.  I'm going to give him 5 chores that will actually be very helpful to me.  And since I'm going to have him clean with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, I know that he is going to be getting rid of the awful germs that comes around (especially those that come from school). 

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I headed to Target to get the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.  They had a sale going on plus I used my Cartwheel app and get an extra 5%, I love saving money!
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I got several because I love to be stocked up!  These are one of my favorite cleaning products, I love using them and actually all of my kids love to help me wipe down surfaces, it's so nice!  I love using them in the bathroom because I can just throw them away along with the germs.  Plus they are great for so many surfaces, it's so nice to have one in each bathroom and kitchen.  We actually take them on road trips with us (they are great to use in the hotel on those surfaces that might not have been cleaned).  
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Here are the 5 chores that my 2 year old will do:

1- Wipe Down Surfaces in the Kitcen
Since this little guy will be hanging around me this school year, I'm going to have him wipe down some around that are perfect for me.  While I am cleaning the kitchen, he gets to clean the tables and the chairs.  I gave him the Clorox Wipes and he immediately knew what to do.  He opened it up, pulled one out, closed it and got to work.
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He started with the leg and then went to the chair, it was awesome!  It is just the right size for him to do and he loves doing it.  I am also going to have him wipe down the baseboards (so I don't have to bend down and do it), the walls and the garbage can.  They are all the perfect height for him :).   
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2- Wiping Door Knobs
 I'm trying really hard to not get sick this winter so surfaces like these are a great thing to wipe down.  The kids bring home so many germs from school, so I'm hoping that this stops some of them!  My little guy did a good job cleaning the door knobs as I was cleaning the bathroom.
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3- Pick Up Toys
Now that he is two and old enough to play on his own, it's time he learns to clean up his toys.  It's a pretty simple job but it's so nice that he can do it and I don't have to.  I showed him to put away his trains and he quickly did it himself. It's amazing how much these toddlers know, they are so smart and learn so quickly.
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4- Wipe Down Toys
Toys are so dirty and get so dirty, so they need to be cleaned.  I had him wipe down his toys with the wipes.  He was putting cute doing it too, he was push the buttons with the wipes and then sing and dance.  It was like he was playing and not cleaning, but I know he's getting rid of germs, so it was a win-win.
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5- Put Away Clothes
 I have a bucket system in my laundry room, so I just gave him his bucket and showed him where the clothes went and he put them away.
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And when he was all done, of course he had to put the bucket on his head, because he's a cute 2 year old :).  
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What kinds of chores do you have your toddler do?  Leave me a comment, I would love to add a few more to his list ;).  


Agnes BeaderBubbe said...

What a cutie! and a great helper. I too had five - the youngest is now 33 and have used Clorox wipes forever, in fact, there is a package of 8 sitting in my hall right now that I just bought from Costco. I believe children should help - it helps them when they get older. I also taught all of the to do their own wash starting at the age of 13...I am sure you know what laundry can be. Although the kids are out of the house, I have 9 grandchildren, so I am still wiping and teaching them. Great blog!

creativemindedmomma said...

Do you have concerns about the chemicals getting on his hands and going in his mouth? I ask because my 3 year old still puts her fingers in her mouth. She helps me put dishes away out of the dishwasher, she puts her dishes in the sink after every meal and any trash in the trash can, she puts her dirty clothes in the hamper and helps put wet clothes in the dryer and empty the lint, she helps make up her bed and of course helps put toys away, she also help me dust by moving toys and picture frames then puts them back afterward. She also helps put her clothes away and helps me change the her sheets by pulling them off.
My 18 month old has now started to help put toys away.

David Dial said...

What a great post! I love how you've come up with totally manageable tasks for your 2-year old to help do. We keep Clorox Wipes in every room in our house...they're perfect for easy clean-up chores! #client